House Rules - The Rabbit Hole


From time to time we may issue further house rules and instructions for use of The Rabbit Hole coworking facility at The Mount. You must obey these rules at all times to keep our community space a happy space for all our Members and Clients. Please ensure that you and your guests are familiar with our House Rules. If we do make changes, we will update you by email or contact your Primary Member. It is your responsibility to read all email correspondence from Venaspace and your Community Manager.

A happy community

Our objective for The Rabbit Hole is to provide a collaborative community space to create and do business. The community nature of our space means that all members have a vested interest to keep the space clean, tidy and safe. Please make sure you:
Do good things

You will not, and ensure that your guests do not;


We may allow pets down The Rabbit Hole at the discretion of the Community Manager however it is at our complete discretion both initially and at all times thereafter. We will expect to see full vaccination records and it is on the understanding that you are responsible and fully liable for your pet at all times.

IT, Software and Hardware

The Rabbit Hole offers designated Wifi to all of our community and not exclusively to any individual or organisation.
We use various softwares to ensure the smooth running of The Rabbit Hole.
CCTV is recording at all times down The Rabbit Hole. Please refer to our CCTV Policy (insert CCTV policy web link here) for more information.
You are responsible for your access fob which remains the property of Venaspace at all times. You must report your access fob lost or stolen to the Community Manager as soon as possible. A charge of £25 will be made for replacement fobs.

The bar

Our community Beer Tap will be available to The Rabbit Hole members, and other clients at The Mount from 4pm on Friday’s. It is available at complete discretion of Venaspace and the Community Manager. When the beer tap is available;
A pool table is provided down The Rabbit Hole for your enjoyment. Please respect other members when using the table, we know things can get competitive. Our fair use policy should be adhered to. Permission to use the Pool Table may be revoked at any time at discretion of the Community Manager. You or your organisation will be responsible for any damage to the table.

Events down The Rabbit Hole

We will run events from time to time for the benefit of all of our members. On occasion, The Rabbit Hole may be hired for private events after 5pm. To reduce disruption to you during this time, the Community Manager may relocate your workstation to our Conference Suites. We endeavour to provide as much notice as possible to reduce disruption to you.