Our aim was to create a space to inspire and collaborate, The Rabbit Hole joins the growing movement of coworking around the globe, adding to the estimated 15,000 coworking hubs around the world today. It is estimated that coworking members will rise over 5 million in 2022, so we have built a space to inspire the imagination; cool, curated and modern.

And Coworking isn’t just a US fad, London remains the global capital for coworking spaces, way ahead of New York. The movement of coworking and the demand for flexible spaces really inspired us to open our first Venaspace Coworking hub in Exeter, with the added benefit of creating a community space for our clients to extended benefits for employees with collaboration and community at the heart of the work environment.

And it doesn’t stop there, we are shortly relaunching the names of our Events, Conference and Meeting rooms with a literal play on the philosophical movement of the 20th century. Think “Big Brother is Watching You”…


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